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What Happens In Vegas - Gets Published Here

Lali Odasashvili, our Business Development Manager in North America, has some juicy gossip to share from her experience in G2E 2022, Las Vegas.

It’s been few weeks since Vegas, what come to mind first?

“I got a ton of memories in Las Vegas I can’t talk about!” What I can talk about is G2E. What a week! Can you recall a scene from any movie, showing how busy the city is? People walking fast, looking at their phones, having busy conversations and even busier schedules? This is what G2E 2022 looked like. According to everyone I spoke to on the floor, fun has returned and it has returned in force!

Was it your first time in Vegas?

Actually no, but I feel like I only visit Las Vegas in weird times. The first time I visited Vegas in January 2019 during the government shut down. Now is the second time, in the wake of Covid-19, as everything has officially ramped back up.

Can you compare it to previous industry conferences you have attended?

I feel like every conference has its own unique charm. G2E is the biggest, and busiest, conference I’ve attended. If you think you can just walk around and talk to people, you came to the wrong place. What blew my mind the most was seeing that even some of the exhibitors' booths had lines!

Innovative technologies are on every step, comfortable seats, lights, slots machines and... freshly cooked steak! G2E was a conference, casino, and bar wrapped up in one massive room. In the end, Vegas was unlike any conference or trade show I’ve attended.

You said you have favorites, how can G2E become one? Is there anything you would like to see improved?

The dedicated networking area was smaller than I hoped, given the size of the conference. There were plenty of places outside of the conference hall, but after 5PM the floor was one of the quietest places in Vegas.

What are your key take-aways?

#1 Responsible gaming is a new hot topic. iGaming, and gambling in general, is all about having fun, so prevention systems in place are required to stop the development of problem gaming behavior. This will be beneficial for all interested parties: players, industry and government.

#2 Yes! CRM is important. Just last year I couldn’t count the number of times I was met with confused looks when explaining what Hybrid Interaction is doing, and why CRM is so important. Now more and more people seem to realize that customer acquisition costs are high, and they are wasted if you can’t retain those players.

#3 It turned out the poker table is as appropriate for networking as any other place.

It’s Vegas!

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