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Because no two clients face the same challenges, we tailor our services and recommendations to individual organizations. Once we understand the client's specific goals and budgets, we create a dynamic work plan that makes the most of all existing resources. 

We see it as our job not only to suggest new strategies but to help implement them with the client's current talent. Our aim is to ensure lasting change within the organization that ultimately leads to more revenue and sustainable advantages.


X-ray Your Retention Marketing


Competition in today’s business world becomes fiercer.

As professionalism level increases within the other players in your

markets, it’s not good enough to be “just good” at what you do;

there’s a clear need to boost efficiency and adopt the latest tactics

in order to lead. 


Hybrid interaction, the premier iGaming CRM Consulting Agency,

invites you to take a guided tour, into your own operation. 

By reviewing your strategy and using our decades of iGaming 

experience, we will help you to benchmark your Player Management

operation, based on practical case studies from previous projects,

already held with 50+ online & offline gambling establishments.


We will not only analyze your business pain-points but will also

show you what has been proven to work - for your competition.


Together we will make a preliminary analysis of your current positioning, drill down your cumulative and qualitative KPIs, introduce you to cutting-edge solutions and customize a strategy that would fit your budget, resources, and growth plans.




Customer Touchpoints, On Steroids


The first step would be conducting in-depth learning about the entire path your players go through, beginning with the various traffic sources, and ending with the various lifecycle stages. Once mapped, we benchmark your current activities with your relevant competition and highlight potential gaps in both manual and automatic triggers, as well as reached targets.


During the process, we pay attention to your structure, culture, and overall goals. We know that for changes in practice to take effect, they need to come from within. We can help guide that change, but we cannot impose it.

By fitting together the pieces of your organization’s puzzle, we can see what is limiting your success and how to remove those limits. With the appropriate tools and techniques, you'll quickly see results. Those results pump up motivation throughout the organization. Once all the forces are working together, you'll enjoy success today and for years to come.


ROI Is The King


When clients are using dated and ineffective tactics, we start afresh with new techniques and tools and an improved, targeted strategy. We're up to speed on the latest methods of boosting efficiency within modern contact centers, across all communication channels and both for inbound as well as outbound activities.


One of our most powerful and sought-after services is a Shift Management Drilldown, which typically provides immediate benefits, along with our holistic approach to working with your company.


Frontal KPI's review sessions at your

premises, enriched marketing strategies based upon player behavior.


Full player segmentation and VIP program analysis, industry-wide benchmarking, and optimization of customer-facing operations, websites, and promotional offerings.


Effective capitalization of retention marketing budgets, cutting-edge, hands-on training for contact center agents, including sales techniques and support procedures.



Team Building Exercises, That Are Relevant


Managers are facing many new challenges: dynamic changes in the technological and business environments, constant necessity to meet a shorter Time to Market and even getting lost in translation when recruiting and managing Generation Y employees... all of these have amplified the need for making quick decisions in real time and continuous risk management.


We have found the most suitable environment for training and practice. One that gives managers the tools to deal with these needs, and allows them to analyze their "gut feeling" - using intelligent and creative thinking: POKER!

This widely spread card game contains within it a great deal of strategy, situations analysis, decision making, coping with risk and uncertain environment, verbal communication as well as body language interpretation and quick response to changes. Mastering these capabilities is a significant enhancement for every manager’s own toolbox. In fact, the LA Times had a big cover story about how even the Wall Street trading firms are now recruiting online poker players.


On top of fun atmosphere, our workshops assists participants to successfully handle their routine leadership and administrative challenges, as well as familiarity with the Texas HoldEm Poker variation and its in-game troubleshooting methodology.


All sessions are modular, built in accordance with each group’s own culture and goals, and following preparatory discussions with relevant stakeholders in the organization.


Care to Make it Interesting?


iGaming is one of the most dynamic industries within online marketing, and as such, we have partnered up with global specialists in order to enrich our consulting portfolio. this pursuit for providing our clients with the best, most modern solutions, has resulted in dozens of successful joint projects conducted with gambling operators and will allow you to capitalize on proven 'from theory to practice' processes.

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