The fastest-growing conference of our ethics-saturated industry, returns once again to the place it has never left.

This year, Shahar Attias, along with leading Product Managers from across leading European jurisdictions, are going to discuss: "OMNI-CHANNEL LOYALTY - A CASE FOR SPORTS, CASINO AND POKER". Yeah, sexy.

* Session? "Affiliates & CMOs"

* Around? NOV 28 @ 15:55

* Bring? Your own Bottle

We have just announced our newest project, with the innovators who are taking the betting industry to the next, cryptocurrency based level, with automated payouts on smart contracts and fully trusted history of bets and payments on blockchain.

So what is Betmatch? A betting house that combines the classical business model of traditional betting cases (but executed in a trustworthy paradigm using blockchain technology and smart contracts) with a social betting network as a second, community layer.

BetMatch White Label solution implies delivery of service on a turnkey basis betting lines, risk management tools and coefficient calculation.


Commenting from Hybrid Interaction on this partnership, is Shahar Attias, CEO: "Niiice."

First major conference in Africa, first time we will all meet below the equator and first time it's ok to publicly admit that you know you need to take your current CRM procedures, throw them into a Pojke for at least 4 hours and add some red wine... Join Shahar Attias and the panel as they discuss "The move from retail to online: a case study", and start optimizing your Players' Lifetime Value.

OCT 24 @ 15:55; microscopeAFRICA - see you there, boetie.

We are all heading out to the city of constant munch, to check out the first ever iGB Live event. Meet us at the conference hall and learn more how better segment your VIPs.


REMEMBER: You don't need to have the best CRM in the world; you just need to have a better CRM than your competition :)

RGW is always fun. Especially when you are a non-russian speaker, and you are being attached with a qualified translator. So, while discussing "How to rank your operators player management efforts?", you basically hear a constant elaboration of the topic - in Real-Time. And in fluent Russian, obviously :)

Check out our MEDIA section for some fun Q&A between the RGW organizers and Shahar Attias. It's when a terrible accent meets its soul mate...

You know the drill.... It's the biggest event of the year, and everybody is going to be there (yes, even you...). Set up a meeting right now and freely discuss all of your CRM pain points - we have seen it all, and here to help.


PS: that gazed look in our eyes? NOT due to yet another heavy drinking night! We are simply such great listeners :)

Turquoise water, sandy beaches and clear skies... Don't you miss Winter?

Attending an iGaming gathering in Malta, during November, has many advantages, but be sure to save some time also to what's going to be discussed inside the conference hall:

Shahar Attias will be speaking about Organizational Efficiency as part of a larger M&A Panel, on the Affiliates & CMOs Track (THU, NOV  23rd @ 1440).


Click below to set a meeting and start driving your company to the next level, using McKenzie style consultation - topped with a deep understanding of your iGaming activity.

Summer is behind us, and everybody's looking to optimize their businesses again.


Click below to set a meeting with Shahar Attias during either EiG (OCT 30 - NOV 1) or

BAC (NOV 1 - 4) and learn the latest on how you can make more money from

your existing traffic by maximizing Players' Lifetime Value.


Or just have a beer together, over a nice paleolithic pretzel; that works as well.

It's that time of the year again, and the entire industry is getting ready for yet another fun week of butt-freezing weather, endless tube strikes, expensive beer and boring speakers with funny accents.

Ah! But this year, Shahar Attias is going to join the other boring speakers with funny accents who have been selected to present their services as part of this prestigious annual competition.


When? During Happy Hour on Tuesday, February 7th, from 16:15-17:30 in the Cross-Platform and Multi-Channel Gaming track.

What to do? Simple - click on the button below and set a meeting!

Meet us in Berlin! (OCT 2016)

September 25, 2016

"I want a schnauzer with my Wiener schnitzel" (Val Kilmer, Top Secret!, 1984)

The BAC is known to be a classy event for people with fine taste, who enjoy elite dining and.... OK, let's stop now.

We have all been there before, so let's go right through the chit chat and focus on what's important - Free Beer and German Models! Or was it the other way around? Anyway, we will be there to take a closer look from first hand, so if you are around, give us a ping and let's do something that-we-will-most-likely-regert-and-will-go-viral-on-YouTube together :)

Optimove Connect 2016

September 12, 2016

Shahar Attias was invited to speak in the leading panel on the CRM oriented Connect16 conference in Tel Aviv. Click below for the full Videos from the event.

Codeta Kick Ass!

August 31, 2016

As you know, Codeta has been working with us starting with their conceptual design and we continue to work closely with their CRM team. Now there's a new article about their success and unique offering on the Casino International Magazine (pages 88-91). Bra gjort, Ihre laget ;)

Berlin 2015

October 18, 2015

We are heading to attend the EiG and BAC, and going to stick around for the full week. Let us know once you arrive, and let's drink a nice pint of mineral water together. Or two.

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