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ChiefsClash | 2023 Wrap-up, DEC 2023

As we close up the chapter of 2023 adventures, in this episode we are discussing yearly achievements and celebrating New Year. We have with us Mickael Shahinyan, the Co-founder of ONE.FUN, Head of Affiliates of Coastline Gaming Sasha Boerma, and Elena Vasileva, Sales Manager at REEVO.

1. What's your best achievement from the past year ? (personal and business-related)

  • Mickael: I never had resolutions for a simple reason, especially after Ukraine war started. I start thinking how I can resolute something where my predictability horizon is like something about 30 minutes. So, there are certain things also happening in Armenia and Israel. All that stuff leads us to a different type of thinking, which I initially I was not understanding very well and it affected me personally and professionally.

  • Sasha: On a personal note, I'd probably say standing on stage at a couple of conferences for the first time, I wasn't expecting that to be part of this year, and actually enjoying it was quite empowering. And work wise, I started working with Soapbox, and we got them to be in the top list for nominees for Askgamblers Awards, which is really great for Top Casino. Sadly, we didn't win, but I think in a short space of time that did some really good exposure. We tripled the traffic in a couple of months and the casino is doing really well. Personally, I had set a personal goal to try win an award somewhere, which I didn't crack the nod yet, but I'm a nominee for IGB London, so we'll see how that goes. And not winning is not a bad thing. It just means that you've still got to just work harder and improve your skills and focus on where you're dropping the ball and just kind of growing your own skill set.

  • Elena: To be fair the year has been a bit of up and down for me professionally and personally. On a personal side, I think my greatest achievement was rescuing a tiny little dog that was left outside in 40 degrees with a wound on her belly. She's healthy now and has a home. My uncle is taking care of her and we regularly go and see her. When it comes to a professional goal, well, it's my first job in B2B in iGaming. So I had a very big expectations for myself, which crumbled drastically because it has nothing to do with VIP. But at the same time it's very similar, so managing to bring revival to Bulgaria is quite a big achievement for myself.

  • Shahar: I would say that business wise my achievement happened two weeks ago. We have a new client, a new project that I actually don't know who they are. The initial lead, the commercial agreement, signing the documents and owning the, the consultation - nothing was done by me. This was what I was expecting of 2023 to be able to build a company that is a company and not just about me.

2. I don't want my colleagues to know that this Christmas, I...

  • Elena: I don't want my colleagues to know that this Christmas, I didn't have a sober day.

  • Sasha: I don't want my colleagues to know that this Christmas, I didn't check my Skype not even once.

  • Mickael: I don't want my colleagues to know that this Christmas, I was hiding from everybody.

  • Shahar: I don't want my colleagues to know that this Christmas I've had a few cocktails at a golf course. Fuck it, I want them all to know it!

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