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ChiefsClash | AI & LATAM, OCT 2023

Updated: Nov 10

ChiefsClash is already one year old!!! Our Head of Marketing, Lali Odosashvili, is hosting this episode with the industry leaders with whom she will be moderating a panel later today at SBC Summit LATAM. Our guests are Ivo Doroteia, the CEO of Playbook Engineering, Mayank Mehta, the HoBD - Americas from Fast Track, and CRM Executive at Hybrid Interaction, Letícia Fernanda Lima.

1. What role does AI play in predicting and responding to my preference in the sports betting industry, and how effective is it?

  • Ivo: We don't want to make any spoilers over here, but basically, AI is already being used. We saw that in the last three years, the operators who have been using these tools has grown exponentially from 5% of the operators to almost 27% of the operators. So AI is already doing something. I would say that despite the fact that you might be a Barcelona fan, AI can detect if you're actually betting on the opponent, so Espanyol or Real. So that's the kind of things, that's the kind of information that AI can provide to operators to work and can actually generate and have more, I would say, personalized odds and offerings to the customers and players.

  • Mayank: From my side, apart from everything that you have said, AI can also help predict what type of content you are engaging with, what time of the day you are most active, using real-time learning and machine learning, and everything that AI as a whole ecosystem encapsulates. It can also tell what type of channel you are more responsive to. Is it an email? Is it SMS? Is it WhatsApp? Is it any of the different other channels that you might be more keen on?

It can send you the right content at the right time of the day with the right messaging behind it that it knows is guaranteed, almost, to grant a conversion or grant a response from your side, which I think is a huge plus for all the operators that we have in the industry.

  • Leticia: Yeah, I believe that it's already happening, but in the near future, I think the role of AI will be even more important in sports betting. I think that its significance lies especially in its capacity to gather and evaluate extensive amounts of data, which may include player statistics, team morale, weather conditions, and many other crucial factors that are very important and relevant to betting strategies, for example. So AI-driven models have the potential to offer valuable insights into which teams or players are more likely to win. And this could have a huge impact on or even shape the odds for betting. I also think that AI empowers bookmakers to have a top-notch customization with multiple interactions. So AI could suggest the bets that align most with the player's preferences, their historical betting, and do all that with the main aim of clearly enhancing the user experience and also potentially helping the better engagement and retention over time.

2. How should operators tackle rising concerns regarding data security with the growth of player bases and technology/AI utilization?

  • Mayank: So I think from a technical standpoint, quite a few things can be implemented from the operator's side. And this, we are talking about a whole different product which we are dealing with, which is AI as a whole, which is in itself very new; come to think of it, from November last year to October this year, it's only been a year. So we are still learning as we go as to how to handle security around these things. However, some of the security and training protocols that have been tried and tested and have stood the test of time can always be included from the word go. For example, having secure payment processing, having regular software updates, and training your team to kind of make sure that they are trained on what data points can and cannot be shared outside of certain departments, certain teams, and certain organizations. And then also apart from that, as a CRM system, which we are talking about here, just ensuring that our API integrations are more secure than what they have been until now. Essentially just taking a microscope and reviewing every single integration that we are offering, every single security layer that we currently already have, every security program that we are already running, all the data backups, and all the tools that we are already using. I think that helps us keep it secure to a point.

  • Ivo: I would only add, eventually, something that is already a common practice around the industry, which is having data encryption. So all of the other things that we already do, we shouldn't stop doing it just because we are now using AI. So see how it goes and keep the standards in security. So from employee training, as you mentioned, to regular security audits, access control, everything like that. Not forgetting about the data retention and how you deal with it. I think the key over here is for the operators to communicate with the customer and the customer be able also to provide some feedback to the operators on how they see... it once we are able to learn.

  • Leticia: I think that there's a lot of movement going on right now, especially from the side of the development. The thing is, security starts at the very beginning. So more and more developers and cybersecurity teams are working together to make sure that every kind of product, especially when it's online, when it deals with important information from the end user, that work of building something safe starts from the very ground work. So yeah, I think it has to do a lot with the training and also the interaction between teams.

3. Why should operators join our November 1st panel?

  • Lali: Operators joined our November 1st Panel because they heard we are the ultimate matchmakers, revealing the secrets of players' true desires and how to keep them coming back.

  • Leticia: Operators joined our November 1st Panel because they have been invited to a proper Brazilian party.

  • Mayan: Operators joined our November 1st Panel because it's a great opportunity to discuss Al and get some insights from these experts.

  • Ivo: Operators joined our November 1st Panel because they want to know whether they want to go all in or they want to fold when it comes to Al.

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