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ChiefsClash | Post-ICE, FEB 2023

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Watch Robert Dowling, the CCO of GlobalBet, along with CEO/ Founder of Brand-e Media, Brandie E. Black and Director of Optimove, Daniel de Souza sum up their insights from ICE2023 in the new episode of #ChiefsClash.

1) How would you rank ICE2023?

Robert: I will be honest, I was so busy, did not have time to look at the stands...

Brandie: I have been going to ICE for the last 9 years and this year was very well executed and busy. The number of unique visitors was around 45,000. Apart from meeting the old clients, I found a lot of new interactions and business.

Daniel: While having a stand, this year we saw a lot of people from Asia approach the stand.

2) I would love to see ICE2024 relocating to...

Robert: Because of the Elizabeth line, I would love to see it staying in London.

Daniel: I want to see ICE2024 relocating to Madrid. There is an amazing weather, great transport and restaurants, and an opportunity to watch the Real Madrid game.

Brandie: I live in Valencia, you can visit me and we will party every night at my villa. I would agree, would love to see ICE2024 relocating to Madrid.

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