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ChiefsClash | Post-SiGMA, NOV 2023

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

The huge event of SiGMA Malta came to its ends, and the new members of the ChiefsClash are ready to sum it up! This time we have Jenny Ramstedt, Sales Manager at Wiraya, ICS-digital Marketing Director Martin Calvert and Daisy White - Business Development Manager at Rdentify.

1. How do you feel about the new location at this year's SiGMA?

  • Daisy: I really liked it. Obviously I haven't been to any of the other locations, so I haven't got a massive opinion, but I liked it. The traffic, I think it was a bit of mayhem for everyone. I got left on a roundabout by a taxi driver, but I still enjoyed it.

  • Jenny: I'm from Sweden, and I've been living here for ten years, and nothing humorous me more than to see a lot of northern Europeans coming to Malta and crashing into what is the chaos of southern Europe. I love how something always becomes of everything in Malta. So I have to say, I really loved the venue and I think it has a potential because it is closer to things.

  • Martin: I'm going to be uncharacteristically positive and optimistic. Normally, I'm pretty negative, especially in my personal life. It's like a major hobby of mine to be really negative. But I really like the new venue. It's got natural light, more air. Obviously, everybody knows about the kind of the game element of the floor, adding a lottery element to walking around. But yeah, I liked it.

  • Shahar: I have a bit of a veteran perspective. I really love Sigma because of its characteristics and because it is packed. I loved when there were no hallways or corridors in between venues, it was asymmetrical and it was fun. But this time, you couldn't really feel the huge amount of people there, the place was sort of vacant.

2. What stood out for you during the conference? (stand, cocktail, coffee...)

  • Daisy: I don't know what the store was called, but they done salt beef sandwiches with like, gherkins and hot cheese. And it was like saying that I'd watched on Food Network. Like, if you've got that channel and then you just see all the American sandwiches. They done well in that bit. But they only sell Pepsi!

  • Jenny: I like my friend Stan because it encapsulates the dream of Sigma. Because he was walking around like us today. You're doing the hard work, doing all the meetings. You're chasing people, you're the last one on their wish list. And you walk up to someone else and he has done all of that. But now he has his blue window exhibit and the apparel that he likes. There's always coffee when you get there, there's always space for everyone. and I like to see that journey, so I always come there and enjoy his success.

  • Martin: I think I've noticed that as well with some of the long term exhibitors, they start off thinking of what would attendees want and then they start over the years become thinking, I'm going to be here all day. What do I need? Oh, we need a coffee machine, or we need Aperol Spritz, let's put that. This time nobody could miss Pin-up and their presence with all of the different DJs and beverage options and things like that. But I like it when people bring along a little something from their own country. If they're not from Malta or they're not from Gibraltar or something like that, so having people bring along Armenian cognac or some chocolates from Germany or whatever it happens to be, I think that's kind of cool. And I think that's more of a discussion starter as well. Not just, the sheer volume of alcohol.

  • Shahar: When I enter a conference, I look for two things: a bottle of water, because it's always good to play with something when you walk and talk and the best coffee. So Altenar this time did an amazing job in this regard. The espresso was really one of the best ones and they had excellent baristas. In terms of stands, I didn't see anything new, meaning even the ones that were remarkable, like the Pin-up and the Bet Construct, Aviator and so on, are famous for years. It makes sense because the new ones are still too small perhaps to be noticed. For cocktails and video slot slash Mr. Vegas is always fun. I think at some point during the day, even the bartenders are having more fun than the audience.

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