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ChiefsClash | Pre-ICE, JAN 2024

The new ChiefsClash is right before the ICE London 2024 and this time we have CEOs of three different companies. The guests are Marina Ilina from the famous PIN-UP, Aviv Sher from Codere Online and Gonzalo Perez from ApuestaTotal.

1. Please tell about your company and your involvement in it.

  • Gonzalo: So ApuestaTotal was founded in 2014 and I joined in 2018. But we have a background as economy group, have been operating, or been in the game for around 14 years now. But that's my wife, side of the family. So, I wasn't that sure to join the company, because at the end it was a family company. So that has a challenge, because you are going to have some lunch on Sundays, and you continue to, you know, work with your family. So that's, that's maybe not very nice. But we find out how to balance the personal things and the work stuff. So I joined 2018 have been in the position since then, I'm gonna turn six years in my position this February. Currently we're looking for the regulation, which is also going to be a challenge. But I think it's going to be a good challenge for us, as the company will increase its value.

  • Marina: At first, I need to tell that I've been working as a product manager in some gambling companies in Ukraine. And after this in 2016, I founded the PIN-UP as software for companies, which helps operators to work with casinos, sports- betting, and so on. Now, we have a company with more than 2500 employees. We have offices in more than eight countries. And we have our ecosystem of global operators. We have few local licenses and also we have a lot of software development, connected with affiliates, CRM, Fraud, AI and so on. So we are great and I'm proud of my company because it's the result of my knowledge and my enthusiasm.

  • Aviv: I joined Codere in July 2018, but in 2019 we actually started the real operations, increasing budgets and building the entire digitals that did not exist before. We went later to Mexico unfortunately COVID hit hard on 2020 and all retail businesses suffered a lot, and we had to find a way to raise money for the business. So we checked several options and basically decided to go to NASDAQ. Eventually we were able to raise around $100 million for the business. We are the first or the only B2C company facing LATAM that is traded in NASDAQ currently, with a semi global brand. We have strong presence currently in Spain and in Mexico, on a lower scale in Colombia, Panama and Argentina. And businesses actually doing good, everything is public. We are meeting the expectations and even even a bit more. So currently, we are in a good place. Looking forward for the future.

2. Nobody knows that as a CEO I allow myself to...

  • Marina: Nobody knows that as a CEO I allow myself to not look at all the reports on time.

  • Gonzalo: Nobody knows that as a CEO I allow myself to not to miss any school activity of my daughters.

  • Aviv: Nobody knows that as a CEO I allow myself not to answer all questions.

  • Shahar: Nobody knows that as a CEO I allow myself to (including now) wear short pants on Zoom meetings.

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