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Second Home

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Shahar Attias did not wait for too long and quickly after the first week of the New Year decided to visit Yerevan, Armenia to meet his fun team. Hybrid Interaction reunited again and enjoyed the beautiful street lights of the capital, had a breath of the post- Christmas Armenia and drank a lot of Manhattan drinks !!! The team met new recruits as well as the old friends and clients while enjoying traditional as well as non-traditional foods and drinks. The meeting with Santa as well as with the Dead Nun was an unanticipated one.

Of course apart from all the fun and luxury stuff, Hybrid Interaction dedicated some days to work-related stuff. However, any activity with the team is entertaining and can never be boring. We managed to visit a number of clients in Yerevan, do a lot of team building activities, hold “internal consultation” and analyze the operations and structure of the company. All that is done to say is that we now have an org chart that supports our expansion, as well as new internal tasking tools. Hybrid’s team rocks !

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