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Work Hard, Play Harder

Hybrid Interaction's Shahar Attias Visits Yerevan for a Three-Day Trip of Workshops, Partner Meetings, and Fun!

In March, Hybrid Interaction's CEO Shahar Attias paid a quick visit to Yerevan to get to know the new members of the team and reunite with the senior ones. The three-day trip was a perfect combination of work and fun, including busy workshops, productive meetings with partners, and even filming the new episode of #ChiefsClash. Of course, the team also found time to enjoy themselves with games, drinks, and some overpriced but delicious dishes. The trip ended with a sushi dinner, and a promise from Shahar Attias to return to Yerevan soon. The team had a blast and came back even more motivated and ready to tackle new challenges!

During our recent trip to Yerevan, we took some time to engage in team-building activities that helped us strengthen our relationships and improve our teamwork. We enjoyed playing a variety of games, including bowling, table football and had a great time cheering each other on and having fun together. These activities allowed us to bond over shared experiences and improve our communication and collaboration skills, which will ultimately benefit us as a team.

At Hybrid Interaction, we believe in building strong and lasting relationships with our partners and friends around the world. During Shahar's visit to Yerevan, we had the opportunity to visit the offices of BetConstruct and Technamin. Our partnerships with BetConstruct have been especially valuable, allowing us to collaborate on exciting projects and share our expertise. We're grateful for the friendships we've formed and the partnerships we've built in Yerevan and look forward to continuing to work together to achieve great things.

One thing we can always count on when in Yerevan is the amazing food and drinks. From traditional Armenian dishes to modern fusion cuisine, there is always something new and exciting to try. During the trip, Shahar enjoyed some delicious overpriced but worth-it meals, refreshing drinks, and even learned how to say "Pulpulak" – a local favorite. Yerevan never disappoints when it comes to satisfying my taste buds, and rumor has it that he can't wait to go back for more!

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