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ChefsClash | Post Sigma, NOV 2022

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Hybrid Interaction has launched a brand new series of short interviews with some serious iGaming superheroes. Keep up with #ChiefsClash every last Sunday of each month. On the first episode we discussed adventures of SiGMA2022 with Līga Tarasova, Nico Jansen and Tal Zamstein.

1) Tell us 2 things you planned to do in Malta and you managed to execute and one thing you did not?

  • Tal: I wanted to avoid people that I see everyday, and I did not manage and suffered eventually. Also, I planned to compensate on time and I fulfilled it.

  • Liga: My checklist was to see Malta, go to restaurants and see old collueges as well, which I did. I planned to take one day off, and did not manage to do since there was a networking meeting on the last day.

  • Nico: I am usually attending these exhibitions with a somewhat of a free agenda and I managed to meet a lot of new people.

  • Shahar: I went to a 5k networking running event. But as soon as I started running, after stopping at some point I thought I could not do it, but continued eventually. So I managed to finish it but in a terrible time.

2) Give me an exaggerated lie that someone gave you during a speech?

  • Tal: I was hearing many times that the list requirement is on 2 weeks time only. It was unbelievable since it usually takes 2 months at best to execute it. 2 weeks is only the specification process.

  • Nico: One guy told me they are opening online slots casino in Canada as an unregulated market. He told me “we are going to make a lot of money and we already signed big streamers from Twitch”. Fingers crossed for their business...

  • Liga: The lie I was told is a little different. So I was told I would find everything very easily but at one point I wanted to find a booth and got lost.

  • Shahar: The lies everyone says during conferences is “I am on my way”.

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