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ChiefsClash | CasinoBeats, MAY 2023

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

In the new #ChiefsClash, panelists from the #CasinoBeatsSummit, talented Aleksandra Andrišaka from Slotsjudge, COO of (Enlabs / Entain) veteran Dainis Niedra and Florian Joisten, legendary Director of PALASINO MALTA LIMITED, share about their experience with VIPs, how they keep retaining them and reveal their crazy sides of work.

1) Given the option, do you prefer getting a group with a number of depositing players, or a single verified VIP? Why?

  • Dainis: If you asked me this question years ago, I would answer immediately- a single VIP. However, now I will spend some time thinking and then will still answer VIP. Life is getting more complicated for high value customers, but we still live in a position where we are more dependent on them rather than on general casual players.

  • Aleksandra: I think it is very easy to lose a customer, so if there would be one VIP who would go away very easily, then I would prefer a group of players. If you have one player instead of 10, let's say, it is 10 times more riskier.

  • Florian: Even back then I got suspicious about the approach of concentrating mainly on VIPs, and now I would definitely go with the group. We hear all these sayings, that VIP is the small segment that generates the majority of the revenue. Yea sure, but as Aleksandra said, it can be lost in one second.

2) And once you have VIPs, what would be the most important factor to keep retaining them? (pick only one and explain why) - Product / Service / Bonuses

  • Florian: I would say service. Good relationship is what bonds the players with the managers and keeps them playing.

  • Aleksandra: My answer is also service. If the player is still playing, it means he enjoys the product. There is no immediate requirement to change the UI and design. But service has a range of improvement possibilities: you can become more individual and understanding with the players.

  • Dainis: I would say product, because if the product is perfect there is no need for other services. If you play a lot, you will continue opening the website and playing.

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