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ChiefsClash | Player Development, SEP 2023

The new ChiefsClash Release focuses on VIP treat and Player Development specifically in the US Market! This time the attendees were our own Lali Odosashvili / Hybrid Interaction, Gali Hartuv / High 5 Games and Luisa Woods / Delaware North.

What can you share from your own personal experience about player development? Have you ever engaged in a frontal interaction with players, aiming to increase their activity with

your operation?

Luiza (retail): When I first got to work in online gaming in the US, it was in Atlantic city. I was in one of those boardwalk casinos. Getting my team to bridge the gap between landbase to online was my one priority. You can walk to a casino and spend what you wanna spend, it's simply not the same online and trying to recreate that experience in every way that we can was the main focus. Also trying to figure out, the online vips- are they interested in coming to the property.

Gali (online): We monitor everything and have every point of indication of who the player is and what they like. But, it does not really change the fact that we can know everything about the player, their spending, playing, gaming differences. It's not gonna guarantee that you are going to get them in your loyalty program. A lot of players that you find online are successful businessmen who do not want attention or spotlight.

Lali (hospitality): Hospitality perspective is totally different: everyone wants to be a part of loyalty, because why not? Everyone in the hospitality sector is taught that it's an art of building emotional connections. And it's true. Now, similarly to you guys, we also collect data, but our data is about “what kind of form your pillow should be, or what drinks you prefer when flying with us” and this kind of data. Also, one difference is that in hospitality, when we offer customer referral programs, we think of cost reduction. We do not think about how much it will bring, but rather how much it will reduce our acquisition costs.

How can the industry bridge the gap between B&M and Digital channels?

Luiza: When you talk about taking customers away from retail based staff members, there is no reason we cannot integrate those functions, we cannot extend and help them grow there and base their responsibility and opportunities. Both to grow that new line of business and to bridge those people to those properties is something that is always possible.

Lali: From my experience, the problem is convincing land based casino managers that we are not taking away anything from you. And that can be done in a lot of different ways. For example, if their commission is actually based on it, then that should be changed. If it's a mindset then that should be addressed and changed. So, even if the problem is one which is bridging the gap, then the causes can be a lot different things.

Luisa: We see that in physical casinos, people come in there with their phones or laptops, because they want to enjoy dining, being treated by their hosts and staying in the hotel. But they are sitting up in their hotel rooms and that is where they play.

Gali: Yes, but look how the land base casino was taken down online and look they did not reverse and the popularity of live dealers growing more and more. Now you don't just have studio games being the footpoint, you also have cameras set up in casinos on tables watching other people play and you are behind the screen. Live- dealers is an example that was done in reverse when land base came online.

Is there a difference between US and European player development?

Gali: I think yes. Firstly, there is the component of spending power. American VIPs compared to Europeans are very different. Regulation in the US allows building VIPs much easier than in a lot of heavily regulated markets in Europe, like Italy, Sweden, UK. The application and the strategy and how we engage and maintain the relationships is similar, but the actual demographic and regulation environment is completely different in my opinion.

What is the wildest VIP story I know?

Shahar: The wildest VIP story I know is gathering the Casino-Club VIPs to design a new Roulette version, the way THEY want it.

Lali: The wildest VIP story I know is an ex-PokserStars Supernova buying a Ferrari with FPPs, their Loyalty Shop Reward Points.

Gali: The wildest VIP story I know is when a VIP flew me to a different city to tell me about a multi-million dollar job that he was accepted for and to ask for a deposit match in person.

Luisa: The wildest VIP stories I hear are never to be repeated by me in any public forum.

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