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ChiefsClash | Slots Experts, APR 2023

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Denis Didenko, Head of Business Development from Spribe along with Alexandre Tomic, the Founder & CEO of Alea and the beautiful Christina Mirnaia, Head of Account Management from the trending Peter & Sons LLC. discuss trend developments and share their secret favorite crush games.

1) You guys have pretty much invented the Crash Games vertical within our industry; what kind of trends are also spiking right now?

  • Denis: We enrich the player's sense of control of the game. We see the popularity of crush games when we have buttons that can allow players to "Cash-Out" or keep playing the game. We decided to move in this direction and create games with mechanics similar to Aviator, and put this "Cash-Out" button.

2) As a newcomer, do you target specific gaps between operators and game studios and try to stand out by offering creative solutions?

  • Christina: I have a thinking that we are our biggest competitors. We are famous for being creative to the core and the secret is not what we do but how we do our work. First priority is that we are obsessed with our players and we are trying new things for them and bringing humor and character behind the games. This is something the operators love a lot and that is why they are engaging a lot of us.

3) Being the godfather of tech innovation, and from your perspective as an aggregator, what kind of innovation can we expect seeing in the coming years?

  • Alexandre: There are two things I want to mention. First game changer nowadays is becoming the AI. AI is already making video games and tomorrow it is going to also create slots for every segment. The other thing is API governance and I am mentioning this, because we see a lot of exploits that enter the market, make games and they have no clue what an API is.

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