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ChiefsClash | Sports Betting, JUL 2023

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

In this episode of ChiefsClash, we have Dr. Laila Mintas; the Co-Founder & CEO of PlayEngine - an AI Automated Betting Platform, along with Stephen Crystal; the Founder and CEO at SCCG Management, as well as Dan Stone; the Head of Marketing at Sportingtech, discuss Sports as an old but young at heart product and share their thoughts about the new Brazilian regulation.

1) Considering the fact it's everybody's vacation time, how wise is it to participate in a conference in early July?

  • Shahar: From my own experience, as fun as Amsterdam is - I go there, I am nice to people, I even shower… And as soon as the event ends, everybody just turns off their mobile phones and the next time I hear from them is during a conference in September.

  • Laila: I personally think July is a good point of the year for people to sit back and think strategy, get ready for the NFL, and kind of just get a "bit of air."

  • Dan: I think it depends on the region. For example, SIGMA Asia just took place and we see that most people are back to business by July. My perspective is that it depends on "why do you need to participate" on the type & quality of the conferences, and not on the timeline.

  • Stephen: We are in a global business and there is no "time off" for me. So, by going to different conferences we get to stay up on the cutting edge topics. Unfortunately, not showing up in events can have negative effects, because people think you are not continuing to invest in the industry.

2) What are your thoughts regarding the new Brazilian regulation?

  • Stephen: We were big believers in that market and had people on the ground since 2016, but we see this as just the beginning. There are still some steps, but the momentum is there. It looks like Brazil would be a market that would be open to a lot of competition.

  • Dan: Brazil has been on the brick for as long as I can remember. This feels like a start of something new. The potential is absolutely huge.

  • Laila: As long as I can remember everyone was just waiting for Brazil to regulate the market. Some people at SIGMA were saying that "Oh Brazil will never get regulated", some people were saying the opposite. We have roots there and we are in touch with several Brazilian operators and I am very excited about the news.

3) Sports, as a product, has been very stagnant; what trends & innovations do you see - each from your own perspective?

  • Stephen: We believe that AI-based micro betting companies where we could get our arms around are taking advantage of emerging content and creating a lot of engagement. For the longer term, we are focused on products like P2P Skill based competitions, video game content, virtualized type sport content, esports and so on.

  • Laila: So for us, what we are doing now is getting the customers live and have the proof of the concept of speed as an innovation of our platform out there.

  • Dan: I think you have to do whatever is right for the audience, it doesn't matter what we as the turnkey platform think or like. We are looking into what the customers of our customers prefer, and keeping track of future trends. One of them could very well be the "Shazam of Sports Betting".

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