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Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Exciting news fresh out the oven – Hybrid Interaction’s professionals will be speaking on three panels across two different conferences, with Shahar Attias speaking in two panels in WGES, Barcelona, and Lali Odasashvili speaking in iGB Live in Amsterdam!

Panel #1, WGES, June 29th on 12:40. Shahar will be on stage with Andrew Gradwell, Daniel Fernández, Dinos Stranomitis and John Gordon, hosted by Jesper Svensson. The 45 minute session will cover the topic of how to attract new players whilst keeping existing customers loyal and engaged, diving into details about data profiling, proper segmentation, player behavior in different markets, configuration of quality entertainment content and latest CRM trends.

Panel #2, WGES, June 30th on 14:15. Are start-ups the key to the future of iGaming? On the second round of the amazing panel, the topics covered by the speakers will include the rising number of startups In the iGaming industry, areas worth investing, changes in the fund market and obstacles faced while creating and operating a startup.

Panel #3, iGB Live, July 6th, 13:00. No bonus, no problem? Will Ontario's restrictive model inspire more creative and loyalty-building marketing for other regulated markets? Lali, along with other talented panelists of the event, will provide answers to those questions, as well as speak on important matters such as marketing restrictions in the other markets, methods of adaptation to those restrictions and configuration of a marketing strategy in the absence of effective bonusing tools.

We can’t wait to meet you in person. Questions? Ask them by clicking the link below.

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