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Game On: Hybrid Meets Braze!

Welcome to a pivotal moment in the iGaming world! Hybrid Interaction, a leader in iGaming CRM consultancy, is excited to announce a new partnership with Braze, a frontrunner in customer engagement. This collaboration will enhance our strategic capabilities in the iGaming industry.

Highlighting our commitment to this partnership, Shahar Attias, CEO of Hybrid Interaction, and Dani Fernandez, Head of Operations, recently visited Braze's offices. This visit symbolizes the strengthening of our collaborative relationship and our dedication to working closely with the Braze team.

Partnership Overview

This collaboration between Hybrid Interaction and Braze focuses on integrating specialized iGaming CRM knowledge with advanced customer engagement technology. Our goal is to provide dynamic and effective management tools in the iGaming sector.

A key aspect of this partnership is the comprehensive training received by the entire Hybrid Interaction team on the Braze platform. This training ensures that our team is fully equipped to utilize Braze's advanced capabilities, enhancing our service offerings and delivering even more value to our clients.

Hybrid Interaction's Expertise

At Hybrid Interaction, we pride ourselves as the pinnacle of iGaming CRM advisory services. Our journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence in strategic CRM, VIP Management, and User Journeys. Our expertise lies in transforming customer acquisitions into optimal LTV through innovative retention marketing strategies. As industry leaders, we understand the intricacies of the iGaming world. Our approach is not just about advising; it's about partnering with our clients to navigate the complex landscape of player management and retention. Our team is equipped with the insights and tools to bring a significant competitive edge to our partners.

Braze's Capabilities

Braze stands out as a powerful customer engagement platform, enabling marketers to creatively engage with customers in real-time, across channels from a single platform. Their technology facilitates cross-channel messaging, journey orchestration, and AI-powered experimentation and optimization. Recognized for their excellence in the industry, Braze’s technology complements our strategic approach in the iGaming world, offering an enhanced, holistic customer engagement experience.

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