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ICE 2024: London's Last Dance in the Global Conference Spotlight?

ICE 2024 is approaching:

February 6th to 9th

The upcoming ICE 2024, taking place in the vibrant heart of London, holds special significance as it marks the last ICE conference to be hosted in this iconic city. With this final iteration in London, there's a heightened sense of anticipation and commitment among those involved. Both the planners and attendees are gearing up to go all in, making this edition not just a groundbreaking event, but also a grand finale to remember in the city's conference history. Our team at Hybrid Interaction is not an exception.

Hybrid Interaction and ICE 2024 logo

Team Hybrid:

This year, the Hybrid Interaction team, led by Shahar (CEO), includes Mariam (Marketing Project Manager), Lali (Marketing Head), and Dani (CRM Department Head). They are excited to connect and tell you all about our expertise in CRM optimization, outsourcing, and strategic consulting.

Ultimate Guide to ICE2024:

As you will be amazed by the diverse display of activities at ICE London 2024, keep an eye out for these faces. They are the gateway to a unique and personalized journey, promising an experience as impressive as it sounds. Don’t believe us? Here is the first must-have resource – the ideal guide to all networking events at ICE and iGB 2024! Meticulously curated and presented by the remarkable Conrad Butti, and turned into a map by our own Mariam to help people guide themselves easily during busy days in London.

Closing Thoughts:

We encourage you to be proactive and explore the numerous opportunities presented by this comprehensive guide. It's a tool designed to enhance the enjoyment and enrichment of the event, ensuring that participants make the most of their time at the conference. As our calendars are getting full, be proactive to book a meeting with us as well.

Follow us on LinkedIn for more news during the ICE 2024, we won’t disappoint!

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