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ChiefsClash | WEB3 & iGaming, MAR 2024

Updated: Mar 31

In this episode of ChiefsClash we have a team of WEB3 & iGaming experts. Our wonderful guests are Valentina Diaco, an iGaming Marketing Advisor, the Co-founder of Lucky Lions Den- Richard Baker and Mark Grech, the IGaming & Emerging Tech Advisor in ProdMark 365.

1. What's Blockchain / Bitcoin?

Richard: You could use it as an analogy. The easiest thing to picture it off is like a recipe book, for example. A recipe book that can only be edited by a particular number of people. They all have to agree that that change is allowed to be made to that recipe. And if so, the recipe gets changed to ledger of activity. And if you turn that into the world of finance, it absolutely changes the game. In the Web3 environment everything's decentralized, everything is peer to peer. I can send transactions anywhere. Instantly and anywhere in the world, nobody is telling me or stopping me sending a certain amount or putting those blockages in place. Otherwise there is a centralized entity that is asking me a lot of questions about my transaction to the point where I start thinking if my money is actually my own.

2. How do we adopt the Blockchain / Smart Contract into iGaming?

Mark: Now obviously, the crypto side is sort of the forefront marketing of the technology itself. People wouldn't know about Ethereum, if there wasn't a cryptocurrency, and you can look and people are trading and posting about it and you can find more information when you delve into the technology itself. So when it comes to AI gaming, we've seen in the past booming from around 2020 where NFTs came around first it was around 2018, eventually, there's a lot of synergies that gambling platforms can explore. So if it's payments, if it's leveraging gamification features, creating new features that people can gamble on, we've seen you know, those was a big influx when it came to games that people play. So we are known to traditional slot games or life or sports betting. But eventually since crypto gaming, there's like an enhanced system that you can get into especially like quick wins, which are most played on crypto crypto casinos nowadays. If I had to look at the numbers of people that are playing, for example, on steak, which is one of the biggest crypto casinos globally, there is more people playing the quick wins, rather playing the traditional slot games.

3. What is a Shuffle / Airdrop / Token?

Valentina: So let's break down what Shuffle. com is first. So it's a crypto casino betting network, which as Shahar said already, was launched last February, with a native currency token, the shuffle token. And the first AirDrop happened just a couple of weeks ago. And the first numbers out there on the internet, says that it already reached quite a good popularity level with around 30,000 users placing 2.8 billion bets since its launch. So if we look just at this number its promising. But if we agree, let's break down now the meaning of AirDrop. An airdrop is a marketing strategy, and used mainly by startup to distribute free tokens or crypto currencies to their communities. And the primary goal of an airdrop is to encourage mass adoption, create buzz, and attract investors. And the planning of airdrops is also based on the nature of the project, and the availability of those tokens.

4. My name is _____ and my naughty Token title is…

Shahar: My name is Shahar and my naughty Token title is - Morocco-Coin.

Mark: My name is Mark and my naughty Token title is - JunkCoin.

Valentina: My name is Vale and my naughty token title is - #HODL the only token that gains more value when watching ChiefsClash series so stay tuned!

Richard: My name is Richard Baker, and my naughty token title is - BadBitBaker. It's a nod to the thrill of gambling (Bad), the power of Bitcoin (Bit), and, well, my name's Baker! Let's play!

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