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ICE2023 | The Big Freezing Conference

Recently, our team had an amazing adventure attending ICE London 2023, the ultimate gathering for the iGaming industry. We were in for a surprise as this year's event broke attendance records, with over 40,000 people joining in. Among the sea of gaming enthusiasts, Shahar Attias and Lali Odosashvili, the dynamic duo from our team, were thrilled to be in the midst of the action. Lali had the exciting role of moderating the Masterclass panel on player onboarding experience, while Shahar soaked up the thrilling atmosphere. Together, they experienced the excitement and gained valuable insights from the conference. Join us as we share the highlights and takeaways from this incredible event that left us in awe and wonder.

The Ice Vox

The Masterclass panel on player onboarding experience at ICE London 2023 was an absolute blast, with Lali Odosashvili taking charge as the vibrant moderator. Picture this: a dynamic lineup of industry leaders, including the likes of Eric Olders, Alexander Martin, Henk Wolff, and Daniel Sanders, all gathered on stage, ready to drop some serious knowledge bombs. Lali infused the session with playful energy, ensuring attendees were engaged and having a ton of fun along the way. The panelists, representing various sectors of the industry, shared their experiences and knowledge on creating personalized onboarding experiences, retaining players, and measuring key performance indicators. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience that perfectly blended education and entertainment, leaving the audience inspired and eager for more.

Insights into Global Gaming Markets

Ampersand, the ultimate gaming club, became Shahar and Lali's secret weapon at ICE London 2023. They dived into the Mexican and Colombian gaming scenes, unraveling the mysteries of terminology and regulations. It was an exciting adventure, full of "aha" moments and celebrations. With new knowledge and connections, they improved their strategies and unleashed their full potential. Shahar and Lali teamed up with fellow adventurers, sharing tips and tricks. It was a place of collaboration, where gaming enthusiasts overcame challenges and celebrated victories together.

What about Fun?

ICE London 2023 wasn't just about business and networking for our team, it was also a time for unforgettable fun and enjoyment. They indulged in vibrant parties that pulsated with energy, dancing the night away and making memories with new and old friends. The conference also provided opportunities to unwind and relax over drinks, exchanging stories and laughter. And let's not forget the exquisite dinners with amazing food, where they savored culinary delights and shared delightful conversations. From glamorous social events to intimate gatherings, ICE London 2023 offered a perfect blend of work and play, leaving Shahar and Lali with cherished moments that would forever be etched in their hearts.

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