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Key Takeaways from Lali at iGB Live in Amsterdam, JUL 2022

If you want to see the real Amsterdam, follow the canals! I fall in love with the village vibe of such a busy city. The best way to love your work is to let yourself relax, so I went off the grid for a day. I explored the city by kayak, tasted beer at every possible brewery near the canals, and watched the sunset at 11 PM (crazy, I know).

After a relaxing day, I joined the colorful, loud, and busy floor of the iGBLive exhibition. Music, games, and day drinking all around! I had the honor of taking over the stage with 3 gents to discuss strategies for operating in regulated markets. Together with my panelists (Lee Gwilliam - VP of Casinos & Commercial at; Havard Lehn - Co-Founder of Nordic Affiliates; Peter Jesko, Head of Strategy from Casino Guru), we’ve reviewed the ways to attract and retain players in restricted markets. Themed as “No bonus, no problem?” the panel was a big success, and the audience was actively engaged in conversation.


• Industry and state should work together, to protect players, and let businesses compete in a fair environment.

• Without bonuses, brand awareness becomes important! So, build your brand and finally work on increasing player lifetime value.

• Correct communication with players at every stage, in real-time, is a crucial aspect of success in regulated markets. If you aren’t sure how to do it well, use our expertise!

And finally, I cannot talk about Amsterdam without mentioning the AffPapa iGaming Club, held in the historic building of De Bazel. The organizers did a great job creating amazing vibes for two things we love the most at iGaming events: drinks and talks. During the evening, Šimon Vincze of Casino Guru quizzed the audience through his presentation, offering gifts for correct answers. I ended up winning by yelling 69; always a winning number if you ask me! (regardless of the question)

Overall, these three days were amazing, and I want to move to Amsterdam!

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