Welcome Aboard, Lali!

Lali Odosashvili, who’s leading our Business Development across the Atlantic, is starting her journey with Hybrid Interaction during one of the busiest weeks of the year - just in time for the highly anticipated iGaming NEXT event in NYC on MAY 12-13. As our representative in North America, she’ll be happy to meet with you and demonstrate how our services can quickly boost your iGaming profits:

  • Strategic Consultation / VIP Optimization | following a long-term project with Hard Rock Digital in New Jersey, we are highly experienced in proper value segmentation and account managers’ evaluation & motivation

  • KPIs Workshop / Benchmark & Analysis | as the only agency who held projects with 150+ online gambling operators, we can “x-ray” your player marketing processes and provide your team with the most accurate insights and modern tactics, based on industry’s best practices

  • CRM Execution / User Journeys | in need of a helping hand? We have a trained team that can easily and swiftly scale to fit your outsource needs; Analysts, Account Managers and Promotions Experts (certified across all leading Marketing Automation platforms)

You can book a meeting with Lali right HERE, and if you happen to miss on the event, be sure to schedule some time with us online - we’re more than happy to buy you a virtual coffee ;)

Let us lead your Player Lifetime Value into the future!

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