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A Crazy Team is Crazy Everywhere !!!

Following the arrival of Konstantin and Lali to the motherland of Armenia, Yerevan, Hybrid team had the opportunity to operate with its full crew on site! The two weeks were busy with a lot of executional work, along with team building activities, a lot of fancy dinners and a wrap-up trip to an extreme park.

Work and Team- Buildings

After introducing three new members to the Hybrid team, there was a need for a joint team activities. And that is when Lali initiated a number of fun games and tests that will make the team more acquainted with each other's personal life as well as work type. All of this helped everyone get more connected on mental and work level. The team building was followed by a quick trip to the biggest zipline park in the world (which, indeed is located in Armenia). The trip made the team work with each other also on physical and more extreme level, which ended up Zhanna falling halfway during the rope park, but we managed to help her climb back XD.

Food and Fun Time

Since half of the team is based in Armenia, and the country is famous with its unique dishes and approach to cooking, it would be a crime for local members to not introduce the international ones to the Armenian cuisine! Not to say that representatives of Austria- Konstantin, Brazil- Ana, and Georgia- Lali, were amazed..... but they absolutely were!!!

They even promised flying back to the country only to taste the amazing dolmas and kebabs time after time. Hope this will become a new motivation for further work as well.

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