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ChiefsClash | African Market, JUN 2024

The June ChiefsClash is about a very sunny, hot topic- AFRICA. Our guests are Lois Bright - Director of Africa & Middle East at The Conexus Group, Shanta Segabon - Senior IGaming Conversion and Retention Strategist and Adekunle Adeniji - CEO & Founder of his company.

  • Lois: I think it's an interesting question because Africa is 54 countries and to be honest you can't compare any of the countries even if you look at them, let's say South African one- you look at the people and the terrain and the nuances there's some similarities but it's just the same as if you try to tell a French person that they're the same as British. I think if you're looking at Africa then you need to look more into which countries you want to go, rather then regions like Eastern or Western. Questions like what you want to achieve, where is it going to be easiest to get your your license through platform providers, have different answers everywhere.

  • Shanta: I think it's so imperative for particularly operators from the EU or the US or the rest of the world coming into a territory that's as diverse as Africa to really pick their poison and thereafter focus on hyper localization. Because I've seen so many examples of big plays in the African Market who think that coming into the continent means they can apply what they've learned in in Europe or South America to the African Market when in fact it's very different in terms of your player base and you know technology infrastructures so the there's so many things to take into consideration. In certain parts of Africa language you speak in the main city and then outside of the main city are totally different.

  • Adekunle: Let's even talk about a region for example West Africa, Cameroon. It's half English, half French, the way they want you to behave towards them it's way different from Nigeria even though we are very close to each other. Or let's talk about Ghana, that we speak the same language, we call each other brothers and sisters but Its different the way they play for example from customers perspective. So, the best way to do is to sit down and charge and check every country. I know that it is costly, but it is the way you will find the best suiting country and the path for yourself.

2. Overcoming the various different regulations in Africa feels like...

  • Shahar: Overcoming the various different regulations in Africa feels like playing a hand of Poker with 50 outs... Any other alternative is better!

  • Lois: Overcoming the various different regulations in Africa feels like…being in an episode of Game of Thrones whilst smoking some Swazi gold!

  • Adekunle: Overcoming the various regulations in Africa feels like…exploring a house with many rooms, each holding its own set of surprises.

  • Shanta: Overcoming the various different regulations in Africa feels like just another ordinary day at the office. As Africans, we’ll take it in our stride and find an innovative solution.

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