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ChiefsClash | Q1 Review, MAR 2023

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

In the new episode of #ChiefsClash, James King (CEO / Flows), Nick McClagish (Group Account Director, Digital Fuel) and Lida Kosohova (CCO, Gamzix) are sharing about their Q1 and tweeting their predictions for the rest of 2023.

1) How is the Q1 of 2023 going so far?

  • Nick: We have coming in with a lot of new clients and new solutions. Also, we expanded our agency, and do not only do standard marketing, but we do everything from running the casinos until driving the players and partners

  • Lida: It was very hard as a new comer to the market. It was busy and nice since there was the ICE2023 conference, and different online events going on. There were a lot of new clients and work to do, so we hired a new account management team. ICE gave a great bust to our company and we got recognized.

  • James: We are 18 months old and every quarter we are growing more and more: revenues increasing, clients coming in. ICE2023 was a long anticipated event for this year, and we won an #EGR Award.

  • Shahar: With online casinos, since there is always the same offer, there's a must to spark with innovation and creatively wrap the same package as the competition have; that's how you stand out in such a saturated industry.

2) What are your predictions for the 2023?

  • Lida: I predict a lot of growth in the market and the client base.

  • James: My predictions are rapid growth, AI personalization, expanding regulation and a shift towards shared and immersive experiences.

  • Nick: Strategic integration and player development are going to be key focus in the 2023. This year is going to go towards more #Automation and Integration.

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