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Customer Acquisition Vs. Retention Part 2

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

This month’s Viewpoint features a two-part interview where Dana Workman sits down with Shahar Attias of Hybrid Interaction and Marc Kenigsberg from Euro Partners. In the second part of the interview, they discuss the difference between CPA and Revenue Share Affiliates, how affiliates can help out with the actual retention of players and how affiliates and operators work together to maximize the number of players coming in.

Dana: Let’s talk about CPA vs. Revenue Share Affiliates. How does the revenue scheme make a difference and how they focus their efforts?

Marc: I would say that how they focus their efforts determines their revenue scheme, not the other way around. Affiliates who are in for the long term, they try and build up communities or sustainable businesses. Generally they’ll want to work on Rev Share and operators will reciprocate by giving them more tools, more access to data, and working like partners. But affiliates that are looking to do things quickly or don’t care if the other side makes money, generally want CPA more.

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