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New Dress Code?

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

I know you’ve been waiting for it, it’s T-shirt backstory Wednesday! At least for now, though, we’ve run out of employees to introduce, so today’s post is dedicated to the backstory of the backstories.

It all began when Shahar the CEO woke up one day and decided to add uniforms to Hybrid’s Interaction’s work environment. “This will be a nice touch for the companies image!” Shahar thought. “He’s definitely going to pick one of those ugly corporate T-shirts”, Bella worried. “Hope he won’t make me wear that to the business meetings”, Lali hoped. “ Where’s the delivery guy? I ordered that pizza like an hour ago”, Kasparis wondered. “Oh damn!”, Gregory thought. So the whole team began the brainstorming process to add a bit of spice to the uniforms, and that’s when the beautiful idea of individual catch phrases was born!

Have you missed it? Here on our page you can find the back stories of our employees’ catch phrases, I promise you’ll love it!

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